SPICE Research


Cryptography is the study and development of techniques to secure digital information through computer algorithms and mathematics. .

Usable Privacy and Security

Creating usable privacy protocols combines the technical application of privacy with the understanding of human behavior to develop user-friendly security systems that will actually be utilized and provide the best possible protection.

Genomic and Health Data Security and Privacy

The study of genomic and health data security and privacy aims to develop the methods and protocols for the protection or limited sharing of sensitive personal information while also addressing the ethical questions inherent in personal medical data.

Economic Incentives and Security

Protecting sensitive information from malicious attacks requires a significant investment; designing economic incentives to compel entities to take make such an investment is a key component of risk management.

Innovative and New Forms of Attacks

Gaining a quick understanding of the methods behind attacks is the first step toward stopping them, and preparing for future attempts is critical to securing files and systems before they are put at risk.

Systems and Network Security

There are few things more damaging to a business or entity as a breach of security in its systems or network, and developing the security protocols and mechanisms for wired and wireless infrastructures is critical to securing information.

Internet of Things, Wearables and Complex Systems Security
The security of the interconnected world we live in is important to limit the exposure and vulnerability of data.