SPICE Core Faculty

L. Jean Camp

L. Jean Camp, Director of CSI
Professor of Informatics

(812) 856-1865
Informatics West 300

Risk is as inevitable online as it is offline, but informed risk decisions require understanding the underlying risk and the communication of that that risk in a timely, clear manner.


AAAS Fellow 2017
IEEE Fellow 2018
AAAS Congressional Fellow 2010
NSF CAREER Award winner


Apu Kapadia

Apu Kapadia, Associate Director of Secure Computing
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Informatics

(812) 856-1465
Lindley Hall 330B

Prof. Kapadia’s research focuses on computer security and privacy issues in the context of social networks and wearable and sensor-enabled computing.

Distinguished Alumni Educator Award, 2015
Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Google Research Award, Winter 2014 Privacy-Enhanced Life-Logging with Wearable Cameras Trustees Teaching Award, Indiana University Bloomington, 2013
Best of 2012: MIT Technology Review arXiv Blog PlaceRaider


Raquel Hill

Raquel Hill
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Informatics

(812) 856-5807
Lindley Hall 230E

Prof. Hill’s research interests are in the area of data protection, including designing, developing, and evaluating mechanisms for securing access and preserving privacy of sensitive data.


Sameer Patil
Assistant Professor

(812) 855-4546
Informatics West 318

Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science at University of California, Irvine, 2009

XiaoFeng Wang

XiaoFeng Wang, Director of CSI
Professor of Informatics and Computer Science

(812) 856-1862
Lindley Hall 230F

Dr. Wang’s research focuses on system security and data privacy with a specialization on security and privacy issues in mobile and cloud computing, and privacy issues in dissemination and computation of human genomic data.

Best Paper Award in Applied Cyber Security Research, 3rd Place (NYU-Poly Cyber Security Awareness Week): for the work on security risks in Android customization
2014 Third place in National Security Innovation Competition: for the work on Android secure upgrading
2013 Finalist for the Best Applied Security Paper Award (NYU-Poly Cyber Security Awareness Week): for the work on dedicated hosts on malicious web infrastructures
2011 Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (the PET Award): for my research on Genome Privacy
2011 PET Award runner-up: for my research on side-channel information leaks in web applications
2011 Best Practical Paper Award, the 32nd IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy: for my research on logic flaws in hybrid web applications


Ryan Henry
Assistant Professor

(812) 856-9972
Lindley Hall 330E

Ryan Henry’s research focuses on the systems challenges of applied cryptography, with a particularly emphasis on using cryptography to build secure systems that preserve the privacy of their users. He is especially interested in systems for accountable anonymity, privacy-preserving e-commerce, and censorship-resistant communications.


Yan Huang
Assistant Professor

(812) 856-3241
Lindley Hall 330C

Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Virginia, 2012